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Specialist care online

Meet specialist doctors, dietitians, psychologists, physiotherapists and nurses via video calls. You do not need a referral and you can use your mobile, tablet or computer.

Book an appointment with the specialist of your choice

You can choose to book an appointment with one of our specialist doctors based on your specific health needs. You have the option to choose a specialist who can help you with specific problems, such as diabetes, thyroid complaints, addiction and more.

You can also choose to see a doctor who speaks your language and request either a male or female doctor, if you prefer.

Patient fee: SEK 100, Free card eligible
No fee for persons 85 years or more
No fee for children up to 20 years

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Drop-in – see a doctor now

You can see a specialist doctor straight away when you choose the Drop-in option. Choosing a drop-in appointment means you will see the first available doctor.

Patient fee: SEK 100, Free card eligible
No fee for persons 85 years or more
No fee for children up to 20 years

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Prescription renewal

Renew your prescribed medicines quickly and easily.

Price: SEK 150

Choose Receptförnyelse

Note that any medications are prescribed based on each individual doctor’s assessment. No drugs classed as narcotics are prescribed.

Meeting with a dietician

You can get help from experienced dieticians without the requirement for referral.

Price: from SEK 290

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Meeting with a psychologist

You can get help from experienced psychologists without the requirement of referral.

Price: from SEK 790

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See the right doctor

Medicheck allows you to see the right doctor immediately, with no unnecessary detours or complicated rules. Get acquainted with some of Medicheck’s specialists here below.

You can view a list of all our specialists and their available appointment times when you log in. We can also offer you appointments with licensed dieticians and nutritionists, psychologists, physiotherapists and nurses.

Lampros Nintis, skin specialist and dermatologist

Lampros has held a licence to practise medicine since 2002. He has worked as a dermatologist at Karlstad Central Hospital since 2008 and also with aesthetic dermatology at Karlstads Kirurgiska Laserklinik. Lampros examines and treats everything from severe systemic skin diseases to common eczema, psoriasis, acne and skin hyperpigmentation (e.g., freckles, moles, birthmarks) and more.

Book a meeting with Lampros

Diabetes and endochronology
Angelos Kalogiannis, diabetes specialist

Angelos is an endocrinologist and diabetologist. He can help you with general and specialised information about diabetes, tips on how to manage and live with your illness, help to get back on track when you have deviated from your treatment regimen and more.

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Diet and nutrition
Sofia Antonsson is a dietitian and IBS expert

Sofia Antonsson is a dietitian and IBS expert and helps people with dietary advice on gastrointestinal diseases. Sofia has treated more than 8,000 people with IBS and also helps people who have IBD (crohn and ulcerative colitis) or general digestive problems, etc.

Book a meeting with Sofia

Bengt Lavö is a specialist in gastrointestinal diseases (gastroenterologist)

Bengt has been working as a specialist in the gastrointestinal area for almost 30 years. Common conditions that he treats are gastrointestinal disorders, gastroesophageal reflux disease and gallstones. Bengt has a doctoral on gluten intolerance, celiac disease (celiaki) and has extensive experience in helping people with these disorders.

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Specialist General Medicine
Kenneth Ilvall, specialist general practitioner

Kenneth’s focus is often on caring for people with psychological complaints who are prevented from living the life they want to lead by fatigue and apathy. Kenneth can provide support in cases where thyroid treatment is insufficient, for example. He can also help with individual treatment options.

Book a meeting with Kenneth

Argyro Kyriazidou, ophthalmic disease specialist

Argyro is an ophthalmologist working within the public healthcare service and has worked as an eye specialist for five years. Argyro treats common eye complaints, as well as chronic and more severe ophthalmic diseases, such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, cataracts and more.

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Soheila Zhaeentan, orthopaedic specialist

Soheila has held a licence to practise medicine and has worked as a specialist in orthopaedics since 2004. She helps people with injuries and pain in their arms and legs and associated joints, as well as patients with chronic back and neck conditions. She often diagnoses and treats shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, hand and foot problems.

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Andreas Rochester, psychiatry specialist

Andreas has been a psychiatrist for eight years and also works as a medical escort doctor for SOS International. Andreas has experience working with many different aspects of mental health, including depression, anxiety disorders, ADHD, addiction, crises and more.

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Fredrik Levin, urology specialist (urologist)

Fredrik is a specialist in general surgery and urology. He helps many men with urination problems, benign prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. He also treats other complaints, including kidney stones, an overactive bladder in women and erectile dysfunction in men.

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Get help from a doctor who speaks your language

Consulting a doctor who speaks your language gives you peace of mind and contributes to better care. At Medicheck, you can meet doctors who speak the following languages:


Mandarin Chinese


Meet specialist doctors via video calls

Get the right care directly from specialist doctors, dietitians, psychologists and physiotherapists. You do not need a referral.

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