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About Medicheck

We think it’s important that you meet the right doctor right away – without detours.

At Medicheck, you can meet a specialist physician online through video calls and messaging that have long experience with chronic conditions and long term problems. You can meet the same specialist over time if you think you have a good relationship, and can often get an appointment the same day. You do not need a remittance and you do not need to go to any clinic. Smooth and best of all – it’s your choices all the way.

Who are we?

Medicheck comprises a network of over 100 affiliated specialist physicians, along with a team of approximately 10 individuals handling communication, technology, and support. You can find answers to common questions on our support page.

Medicheck offers patients regionally funded appointments where the patient fee is 100 SEK or free of charge with a healthcare card (frikort). This applies to cases classified under primary care. In certain cases, diagnoses, and investigations (such as licensed medications, ADHD medications, Liothyronine treatment, to name a few) are categorized as specialist care and are not covered by our current primary care agreement. Consequently, these costs must be borne by the patient. Your treating physician will inform you when this applies. The cost for such appointments is 750 SEK or 1 150 SEK, depending on the nature and content of the appointment.

Why is Medicheck needed?

Being ill, especially for an extended period, can be quite challenging. It’s crucial to connect with the right specialist when needed, without unnecessary detours, long waiting times, or demands to travel to a clinic when it’s not essential. By assembling a large number of specialists across various medical fields and utilizing digital tools, Medicheck has built a service to assist with precisely that.

We firmly believe that the interaction between the patient and the specialist makes the most significant difference in one’s path to recovery and overall well-being. It’s not just about obtaining a prescription or a referral. Patients also need to ask questions when they are concerned, receive guidance on self-care for better health, and feel they have a dedicated specialist to turn to, someone they trust, and who monitors their progress over time.

Digital healthcare appointments complement physical ones; they are not a replacement for them. They work very well for most individuals who occasionally require access to a specialist. When a physical examination is necessary, it is performed alongside digital consultations. Besides being swift, calm, and convenient for patients, it also provides specialists with a more efficient way to manage patient care, including opportunities for research. It also eases the burden on physical healthcare facilities, allowing them to allocate more time and resources to cases requiring in-person presence.

In this manner, we at Medicheck hope that our services offer a valuable addition to other healthcare delivery methods, ensuring more people receive the help they need and that societal resources are used efficiently.


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Get the right care directly from specialist doctors, dietitians, psychologists and physiotherapists. You do not need a referral.

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